Crime Line

Crime Line

28 October 2020

As I sit here on Labour Day morning, the weather has taken a turn for the worse, so at least I will not have to worry about watering the garden today.

As our visitors return home, adjust driving to the weather conditions will ensure your safety.
Monday of last week saw a local male arrested for failing to appear at court. He will have the opportunity of explaining his tardiness to the judiciary.

Wednesday saw an international visitor to NZ suspended from driving on her international driving licence, as she had been in NZ for more than a year. A reminder to all other drivers in NZ longer than planned due to COVID-19, that you can only drive on your international licence for one year. A quick check with New Zealand Transport Agency website will advise you of the requirements.

Several locals were also suspended from driving for excess demerit points.

Thursday saw Police receive a report of burglary from a Waimana Place address. Access was via an insecure door, which is a timely reminder for us all to ensure our premises are secured.

Police also dealt with a person stealing from New World and recovered the three bottles of wine, venison mince, butter and mushroom he had taken. He will have to come up with alternative dining plans.

There is excellent video footage available in many of the shops in our town, so please desist if you were ever contemplating theft.

Police also dealt with several family harm incidents, two of which resulted in parties being charged with assault. Inquiries are ongoing for both.

These are stressful times that we are living through and many of our family harm incidents have excess alcohol abuse as major contributing factors. Counselling services are available for this through your General Practitioner, or through alcoholics anonymous who regularly advertise meetings in the messenger.

Please contact community networks if you are seeking relationship counselling and they will be able to refer you to an appropriate provider. Seek help before problems escalate, if you need to communicate try to do so when both parties are sober.

Keep safe this week, be careful not to drink and drive, treat each other with the kindness you would like to be shown yourself.