Crime Line


18 November 2020

The weather has certainly been enjoyable with the warmer temperatures enjoyed during spring. It is great to see all the efforts by the local gardeners.
Town has been somewhat quieter with return to typical shoulder season that we had prior to the boom in international tourism. Despite the quieter times some offending has continued.
Monday saw Police receive a complaint of blackmail from a town resident, the matter is still under investigation. A local male was also served with a demerit point driving suspension and has taken to using a bicycle for the next three months.
Tuesday saw Police recover cannabis plants from a location in the Hawea area, Police are continuing enquiries to identify the green fingered cultivators, perhaps they should try tomatoes instead.
Wednesday saw Police deal with mental health issues- they have been referred to the appropriate counselling services.
Thursday saw Police enquiring into a delivery of MDMA to a Wanaka Youth that had been ordered from overseas. A local male was also interviewed in relation to alleged suspended driving.
Wanaka Police also assisted in the accident at Tarras in which a local male resident lost his life- our condolences go out to his family and friends for this tragic loss of life. Please think before you moan when stopped for any traffic offending, we are trying to save lives.
The early hours of Saturday morning a local bar manager discovered a nearby shop had been entered by a drunken male whom I must say had not been a client at his bar.  He diligently and safely followed this male who fled the Helwick Street shop and the male was located hiding at Base Backpackers where he was not a guest. Intoxication was the great driver of this offending.
Later on Saturday morning the male continued his strange behaviour and damaged the kitchen and a lodge at the campground he was staying at. Beware of not becoming intoxicated and irrational.  A court appearance is to follow, this male has now left town returning to his hometown to try to get some support
Sunday saw Police assisting our Coast Guard in two water rescues. Please check the weather conditions before you head out onto the Lake to ensure your safety, no one wants to be a spoil-sport but caution and a check of the forecast may save your life. Police also identified a vehicle that had been stripped of identifying marks after a crash in the Hawea area, thankfully they left the Vehicle WOF check sheet which identified them. They will now be recovering the vehicle and area being dealt with in relation to the crash.
Keep safe this week, be careful not to drink and drive, treat each other with the kindness you would like to be shown yourself.