Don't be a tosser - Wanakup?

18 November 2020

Nat and Ben are local baristas, as well as environmental science graduates who channeled their passions into changing something simple: how you drink your daily brew. This basic idea slowly evolved into WANAKUP - a charitable trust, launched right here in Wanaka in April 2019.
It’s mission: to reduce the daily waste generated in cafes by providing an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to takeaway cups.
Wanakups are minimalist and thermally insulated. In other words, there’s no need for sleeves, or any excess waste. The cups are designed to be durable enough to survive even your wildest adventures.
Wanakups are now available in over a dozen locations in Otago, where they are available to be borrowed for a $10 deposit, swapped for a fresh cup, or returned for your $10 back!
And if you really like the cup, you can just keep it and re-use it for the rest of your life!
Other cafes, such as Brews and Bikes in Nelson, have picked up on the success and chose to implement the Wanakup swap scheme. As more and more businesses participate, more people are becoming aware of the unnecessary waste created by single use cups on a daily basis. Through a simple change in the way you drink your beverage, we can collectively reduce New Zealand’s carbon footprint.
When asked about the reasoning for founding the charitable trust, Nat and Ben said, “We’re really keen to preserve our beautiful home, and hope that a small change in a small town like this could help spark others to do the same in their own home town. You know the facts, we know the facts. It’s devastating, so put down that takeaway cup, it’s past time to stop!.”
Get your hands on a Wanakup now or catch them at the A&P show 2021.