Crime Line


20 January 2021

I sit here on a wet Sunday evening appreciating the rain that is good for the garden and orchard and will relieve the irrigation requirements for the next week.

As this is my first Crime Line of 2021, may you all have a happy and health filled 2021. Some of our clients do not seem to be seeking to fulfil appropriate behaviour as part of their New Year’s resolutions. But overall the week has been quieter than usual during the summer holiday periods.

Monday saw a local male arrested on a parole recall warrant for using drugs in breach of his probation conditions.

Thursday saw Police deal with a search for an elderly male suffering from dementia, thankfully he was located and returned to the safety of his family.

Police also served a local resident male with a three months suspension of his driver licence for excess demerit points. He is now unable to drive for three months and will be kindly chauffeured by his partner during that time, hopefully at speeds within the required limits.

Friday a female was apprehended for excess breath alcohol. It was at a lower level but will add 50 demerit points to her driving record.

Our local Wanaka Search and Rescue volunteers kicked into action on Friday afternoon when a call for assistance was made by some outdoor enthusiasts near the Five Fingers Range. Thanks to those who quickly responded to rescue those involved, we so appreciate your expertise and commitment to help keep our community safe.

On Saturday someone was arrested for assaulting a security guard and subsequently a Police Officer during an incident at the Shapeshifter concert in the Cardrona Valley. Thankfully the rest of the concert goers were mostly well behaved and enjoyed the occasion.

Sunday saw Police deal with a family harm matter in Albert Town. Police also arrested a visitor from Wellington when they found he was wanted for breach of a protection order matter and he is due to appear in court on Monday.

Throughout the week Police have dealt with many motor vehicle collisions, so please be careful with your driving as we enter this new week which is meant to have some wet road conditions.

Keep safe this week, be careful not to drink and drive, treat each other with the kindness you would like to be shown yourself.