Crime Line


3 February 2021

Another week comes to a close, schools opening their doors, the motorcamps are emptying out again, after two months of sun and games.

Local Police have been busy dealing with a variety of incidents. On 25 January, Police dealt with a domestic incident where a Police Safety Order was issued.

We have received a number of calls this week for family harm related matters. For those of you experiencing family harm, you are not alone. There are a number of support agencies we can engage you and your family with at any time, so please feel free to call, or swing by. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

On 26 January, Police were advised of two teenagers overdue from their trip up the Matukituki, but Police staff located them with their vehicle and SAR were not required. This is a good reminder for those heading out into our beautiful backyard to share their intentions and estimated return time with family or friends.

A local driver was also suspended due to excess demerit points, and another domestic incident was dealt with in Albert Town.

Graffiti was reported in the Spencer House Mall, outside the men’s toilet which happened between 22-25 January. If anyone knows who may be responsible, please come and see us, or give us a call.

On the 28th, a male was located in the Dublin Bay area, after seeking help for a medical complaint. After he was checked out by Ambulance he returned to his Wanaka address. That same day, Police received a complaint from some trampers that their vehicle had been broken into while parked at Cameron Flat. This is the second such matter in the near vicinity around the same period of time. Make sure valuables are not left in vehicles parked overnight in remote areas.

On 29 January, a local man was processed for drink driving, and due to the high reading, he heads over to Queenstown for a Court appearance.

Police have been dealing with a number of complaints of theft of power tools from construction sites in the Hikuwai area. A reminder to builders to secure their valuables, or take them home each night. For anyone living nearby, please report anything suspicious in the area by calling 111.

Over the weekend there was damage caused to several businesses in town, where shop front windows were smashed and garage doors damaged. This is entirely reckless and not what we expect to have happen to property, so please give us a call if you know anything about this. We will find out who is responsible.

Schools are in full swing again, so look out for children biking to and from school, reduce vehicle speed limits around the school, and remember the speed limit when passing stationary school buses is 20km/hr.

Have a safe week.