Crime Line


24 February 2021

Kia ora Wanaka. Phew, back to level 1 and just in time for Challenge Wanaka to take place. There would have been a few sighs of relief I’m sure, from competitors and our hospitality providers, that it was able to go ahead. To all those who took part, well done in that great weather.

Still a few extra motorcyclists on the roads heading home from the Burt Munro Festival in Invercargill. Again, no noticeable accidents around this and hopefully we can keep this up.

This week we have had a spate of minor vehicle crashes, all mainly due to lack of attention on the part of one or the other driver. Vehicles reversing into each other seems to be flavour of the moment, so it pays to take that extra bit of time, and a second look, before reversing. Lets all avoid a minor incident turning into a tragedy with that bit of extra care.

Drink driving is still rearing its ugly head in Wanaka and surrounding areas. A male in the early hours of Sunday morning failed to stop for Police in Albert Town and then when stopped blowing 961 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath, close to 4 times over the legal limit. With licence suspended and vehicle impounded, it was a very costly exercise and still an appearance in court to come.

This week saw a few unfortunate scenarios involving mental health issues again. As with previous messages, when times are tough for family and friends, be strong, patient and compassionate towards them. If you or anyone needs support, the Mental Health Crisis Team can be reached on 0800 46 78 46.

Wanaka Police have recently noticed an increase of cyclists failing to wear the basic safety equipment of a cycle helmet at times. At night this also stretches to no adequate lighting on cycles and dark clothing rendering some almost invisible to motorists. In the coming months we will be having a targeted prevention campaign towards education, awareness and enforcement around this issue to prevent road tragedies which can result from lack of this equipment, be aware!

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, but remember not everyone on there is your friend. There are still a few incidents of Facebook fraud being reported. Purchasing items and not have them delivered due to fake profiles and bogus goods. Remember if it looks and sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Well that’s all from your local Wanaka Policing team for this week, stay safe and let’s hope this great weather continues for a bit longer.

Kia pai tō koutou rā

Wanaka Police.