What are The Messenger deadlines?

For all advertisements please find the Messenger deadlines here.

For all community spaces please find deadlines here.


What qualifies as a free line ad?

View free line ad T&C’s here.


What is the word limit for a free line ad?

The word limit for a free line ad is 20 words. 


What is the word limit for paid/charged line ads?

The word limit for paid and charged line ads is 100 words. 


How do I place a line ad?

Please place your line ad here.


How do I place a display ad?

Please place your display ad here.


How do I login to my account?

Go to My Account here.


Can I request an ad to appear on a specific page?

We cannot specify which page your ad will be placed, unless you have a front or back cover ad booking.


How much does it cost to place a line ad?

Please see all line ad prices here.


How much does it cost to place a display ad?

Please see all display ad prices here.


What is the difference between a line ad and a display ad?

Line ads are word-only classifieds.

Display ads are visual display ads, often featured with a logo or image.


Do you offer discounts for ongoing advertising?

Yes please see our discount rates below:

B/W display ads:

Book 4 ads over 8 weeks = receive a 10% discount 

Full colour display ads:

Book 4 ads over 8 weeks = receive a 10% discount

Book 8 ads over 16 weeks = receive a 15% discount

Book 12 ads over 24 weeks = receive a 20% discount

Line ads:

Place 5 line ads and get the 6th one free.


Can you design my ad?

Yes! You get 15 minutes of design time included in your display ad booking.


What format would you like my display ad to be sent in?

Display ads are best sent through as high quality PDF files, 300dpi minimum. No bleed or crop marks are required.


When does The Messenger come out?

The Messenger is distributed every Wednesday.


What do I do if my Messenger is not being delivered?

Complete our delivery enquiry here.


How do I find out about the latest advertising deals?

To join our Messenger Mailer click here.


What qualifies for a free spot in the community section?

See our community spaces T&C’s here.


How do I place a community news or diary entry?

Please request your community diary entry here.

Please request your community news here.

Please request your front page story here.


Are you a newspaper/do you write news stories?

The Messenger is not a newspaper and do not write news stories. We have community spaces for local not-for-profit groups and charities to share news and events, click here to find out more.


What are your office hours?

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm, and Wednesday, Thursday 9.00am – 3.00pm.


Can I come into the office to place my ad booking?

Of course, we would love to see you. We have a computer in reception to place your line ad, or you can place your display ad with one of the team. If you need assistance in placing your line ad, we are happy to help.


How do I contact you?

Please see all our contact details here.


How many Messengers are printed and where is it distributed?

Please see our readership specs here.